Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, i-MiEV production suspended

After 2 fires in Mitsubishi electric vehicles, Mitsubishi has suspended production until the cause of the fires is investigated.

The first fire happened on March 18th, and it was a battery pack of a Mitsubishi i-MiEV that caught on fire at Mitsubishi’s Mizushima factory in Japan. A 98 minute fire was caused by the battery pack overheating – Mitsubishi says it may have been due to a recent change in manufacturing process of the battery supplier. As a result of the fire, Mitsubishi is calling i-MiEV fleet operators whose batteries were made under the same process as those that caused the overheating and led to the fire.

The second fire occurred on March 21 when a battery pack in a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV overheated at a Yokohama dealership. Mitsubishi says 80 cells within the battery overheated which caused damage in one of the three blocks of cells in the battery and causing the Outlander PHEV not to be able to run. This happened during the first time they fully charged the Outlander PHEV. Mitsubishi is asking owners of the Outlander PHEV to hold off on externally charging their battery packs until a further investigation can be conducted. Mitsubishi says the fire will not delay the launch of the Outlander plug-in hybrid’s launch in North America.

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