After 5 months, production restarts for Outlander PHEV

It’s been almost 5 months since Mitsubishi temporarily cancelled production on the Outlander Plug-in hybrid. In case you don’t remember why, they cancelled production because of 2 cases of the vehicle’s battery pack overheating, and in one case, causing a small fire. Both incidents happened at Japanese dealerships, and no one was hurt.

After a month of investigation, Mitsubishi determined the batteries had become compromised during a screening test process when some of the cells had been dropped. The fall caused damage that lead the batteries to be more susceptible to overheating. 5 months later, Mitsubishi has announced it has come up with a new screening process. Everyone has been trained, equipment has been swapped out, and the production lines are ready to roll.

Now, Mitsubishi has to work through the almost 18,000 order backlog. In September, a second facility will come online and production will double to 4,000 units a month. At that rate, it shouldn’t be too long before Mitsubishi is able to fill all of their orders for the 2014 Outlander PHEV.

Mitsubishi Outlander traction battery

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